Kampong Gelam

One Kampong Gelam was established on 20 june 2014. It is represented by an executive council that comprises 14 council members, 6 of them with executive powers and 8 council members.

The main objective of the Association is to enliven and establish Kampong Gelam as a vibrant cultural district. Since its inception, the Association has made several improvements to the area, such as:

1. Alleviated the area’s parking constraints with extended parking hours till 10 pm and increased car-park fees to deter non-patrons

2. Initiated road closure at Bali Lane, Haji Lane and Bussorah Street and regularised outdoor recreation area and outdoor display area on the closed street.

In addition, numerous events organized over the years have generated increased awareness and interest which contributed to a boost in visitor numbers to the area.

Some of the activities held in 2019 were:

Glamart! Colourplay

An immersive outdoor gallery showcasing captivating installations, performances and free workshops.
15 – 24 November 2019


Outdoor fashion show during the Great Singapore Sale (GSS) in July 2019
6 July 2019


Street musician competition held during the Grand Prix Season Singapore 2019 
21 September 2019

Iftar at Arab Street

Breaking of fast for various beneficiaries including MUIS, Torch Foundation and Bedok North Youth Home for the Disabled
11 May 2019

Parking Day

Parking Day

Carparks are turned into “Parks” with public activities ranging from interactive art activities, creating street furniture and free bicycles for cycling around the area
21 September 2019

Haji Lane Block Party

Held during Grand Prix Season Singapore 2019
21 September 2019

Heritage Day Out

Live Music, Art Jamming, Vintage Cars and more
24 November 2019

The association is committed to representing and supporting the interest of the numerous stakeholders in Kampong Gelam.  Apart from continuing to curate interesting activities and events to engage the public, as well as positioning the neighbourhood as a choice lifestyle destination; we intend to reach a wider group of audience through the Visit Kampong Gelam website and social media platforms with richer and more immersive content.