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IMMERSE yourself in the unique experiences of Kampong Gelam

Kampong Gelam has evolved into a mecca for arts and entertainment, drawing locals, tourists, celebrities and creative types to our vibrant commune. At the same time, the neighbourhood remains deeply rooted in history, offering visitors a taste of Singapore’s past and present.

By day, Kampong Gelam is an explosion of colours against the backdrop of the magnificent Sultan Mosque. The walls of the eclectic mix of indie boutiques, generations-old stores, trendy cafes and eateries are splashed with art created by local and international artists.

As dusk falls, Haji Lane and Bussorah Street come alive with late-night revellers, buskers and live music, living up to its reputation as a cultural heritage area that delivers vibrant experiences.

Looking for an experience of a lifetime? Dive into the arts, entertainment and culture of Kampong Gelam!

A bit of cultural diversity, Kampong Gelam has evolved into a mecca for culture, entertainment, food and arts. A place rich in its diversity, history and vibrance, Kampong Gelam draws locals from across the country to its dazzling centre. From tourists across the globe to world-famous celebrities, young and old alike want to revel in the streets of Kampong Gelam.

With history dating back to the early 19th century, the roots of Kampong Gelam spread deep into its core. Reflected in all its attributes, you can be sure to find the essence of history in every food and art alike. From the Golden-Domed Sultan mosque to the Malay Heritage Centre, Kampong Gelam keeps the stories of the past thriving!

When talking about Kampong Gelam, one can never forget the endless array of food and textile. A bazaar of its own, Kampong Gelam is lined with stalls of heritage cuisines to exotically printed textiles.

Kampong Gelam combines the beauty of generations in an explosion of colours. With an eclectic collection of indie cafés, and boutiques amidst a backdrop of vibrant graffiti and local art, Kampong Gelam reflects the beauty created by the collision of time.

And the place transforms as night falls, with the streets alight with buzz and life. From night markets to buskers with live music, there isn’t a moment to be spared in this area rich with culture, life and maybe a bit of magic!

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Kampong Gelam GPSS 2022
Precinct Activation

Kampong Gelam GPSS 2022
Precinct Activation Teaser

Singapore Tourism Award 2022 –
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