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Conversation with: Hannan Mohsin – Master Stylist And Colourist Of The Right Look Beauty Lounge

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By Vaishnavi Pumynathan

From finding her passion, travelling the world to starting a business, The Right Look Beauty Lounge master stylist and colourist Hannan Mohsin shares with us her journey to co-founding Kampong Gelam’s exclusive beauty sanctuary for women.

Hannan Mohsin
Credit: Hairul Latiff

Q: Hello Hannan, you began your career in hair and beauty at a young age. What fuelled your curiosity and passion, and who were your style icons?

Hannan: “My family is in the business and fashion industry. My sister and mother are in fashion and somehow I got into Japanese hairstyling. I started roughly at the age of 16 or 17, and pursued a diploma in hairdressing. There weren’t any hairstylists at that time but actors like Demi Moore and pop stars like Gwen Stefani were style icons for me.”

The Right Look
Credit: The Right Look

Q: With 17 years of experience across Asia, how did you cultivate your artistry? Any memorable moments?

Hannan: “I love Japan. It’s one of my favourite places for fashion and they are one of the finest. I worked with Toni & Guy, Anthony Mascolo and other UK-based hairstylists to learn and understand their techniques. Working with colleagues from Japan and Korea has helped me understand a new way of doing things and implement it to my current practice.

The Japanese and Koreans are invested in their appearance. They are habitual and take the time to visit the salon, unlike us Asians who are more laidback. For them, the way they manage operations and speak with clients all has to be in order. In Japan, I took three years to develop their hairstyling techniques and client management skills. The experience opened me up as back then I didn’t speak or serve clients much. They taught me how to carry myself, how to be kind and how to be disciplined which are important for a young person.”

Q: As an accomplished colourist and stylist, what inspired you to open a womens-only salon and beauty lounge in Kampong Gelam? What was the game changing moment for you?

Hannan: “Since I was little, Kampong Gelam has been known as a fashion haven. Everyone comes here to get their fashion accessories and textiles for events and festivities. It has also become a vibrant place for youngsters to hang out. With the support of my family and equipped with my experience, I thought why not?”

The Right Look
Credit: Hairul Latiff

Q: Specialising in Japanese hair technology, you place an emphasis on keeping up with the trends and product technology. Where do you look for hair inspiration?

Hannan: “I still browse through magazines, and go for seminars and workshops. The workshops are usually conducted by leading stylists from Japan. Even if it’s an online class, it’s good to stay updated and improve on your own. Especially in hairdressing, like the arts and creative fields, you can’t have the mindset of thinking you’re already good and your vision is always right. You have to keep learning.”

Q: Apart from hairdressing, what other hobbies or passions do you have?

Hannan: “I enjoy reading and all kinds of music.”

The Right Look
Credit: Hairul Latiff

Q: At Right Look Beauty Lounge, there’s no compromise on luxury and personalised care. What is your hair philosophy, and what can women expect in a session with you?

Hannan: “My hair philosophy is to always have something new on your mind. They can expect excellent personalised service, and an original experience to achieve their desired look and feel.”

Q: Co-founding the business with your sister Fatimah, a serial entrepreneur in bridal beauty and retail, what have you learned from her?

Hannan: “She’s a disciplined businessperson. Being a young entrepreneur at 35, I have learned the traits of business and how to deal with many challenges from her. Hard work is something aspiring business owners should take note of. It’s fierce and competitive but it’s absolutely satisfying to be good at what you’re doing. She’s an inspiration, and I’m grateful for her mentorship.”

Q: What excites you most about the future of hairdressing, and what can we look forward to with Right Look Beauty Lounge’s next chapter?

Hannan: “We’re driven to be extremely good in whatever we do, especially in business and serving people, as it never just ends there. I’m an intimate person. I like things compact, making sure everything is smooth and at its best, so I don’t have to open many outlets. If I do, it may not be in Singapore. Looking forward to what the future holds.”

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