Home Events Iftar 2019

Iftar is a meal eaten by Muslims at sunset during the Ramadan (fasting) season, their first meal of the day since dawn. This annual event is a true celebration of the communal spirit of the area.

The mass session was organised by One Kampong Gelam Association and hosted up to 300 special guests, mainly beneficiaries from MUIS (Islamic Religious Council of Singapore) and other self-help groups. Guests were treated to traditional dishes such as Nasi Ambeng, Fried Bee Hoon, porridge, traditional snacks, strawberries etc.

In the spirit of Islamic teachings, where one of the pillars is Zakat (giving Elms), these beneficiaries also received Hari Raya “Hongbaos” (money placed in green packets for the festive season).

When dusk fell, the call for prayer by the Muezzin from Sultan Mosque filled the air.