Home Attractions Amazing Chambers Singapura

History buffs and escape room thrill-seekers, you will love this exciting playground in Kampong Gelam!

Opened in late 2019, Amazing Chambers is housed in the historic Gedung Kuning, which is the Malay translation for “Yellow Mansion”. Yellow is the colour of the royalty in traditional Malay society and the mansion used to be the residence of the Royal family.

What sets them apart from other escape room attractions is that their themes are all based on Singapore’s history, Malay culture and folklores. There are seven specially curated themes that are not only interactive but features state-of-the-art special effects with 22 chambers to explore and get lost in.

Each theme has a different level of difficulty. We would suggest that you start with the simplest and progress to the more challenging ones. A good one would be the flagship room, Sang Nila Utama and the Lost Crown.

According to history, Sang Nila Utama, a Palembang prince was said to have founded the kingdom of Singapura in 1299. While his ship was out at sea, a great storm suddenly erupted and the ship was tossed about by the huge waves. On the advice of the ship captain, Sang Nila Utama threw his crown overboard. Immediately, the storm stopped. A century later, it was rumoured that the crown was recovered and hidden in a secret and secured location by an Archaeologist.

The task now is to infiltrate into the Archaeologist’s home to retrieve the crown and also find his other hidden treasures. You have 60 minutes to complete the task.

Along the way, there are audio narratives and you will be given clues to solve a puzzle. You can only move on to the next room after the puzzle is solved. The clues can be hidden in furniture, behind walls or kept in plain sight. Beware of traps – everyone has to be observant to avoid detection or the team will lose the chance to escape. If you are stuck, there is a phone for you to call the staff for help. Communication, teamwork and patience are key ingredients to escaping from the room.

This is a perfect activity to bond with family, friends and colleagues while learning about the history of Singapore. We guarantee you that there will be lots of laughter and screaming!