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Visit Gelam Gallery, Singapore’s First Outdoor Art Gallery

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Taking nondescript walls and alleyways and transforming them into vibrant works of art is an undeniable signature of the Kampong Gelam community. So it only fits that the precinct is where Singapore’s first outdoor art gallery sets up shop – in the back lanes of Muscat Street to be exact. Situated between North Bridge Road and Baghdad Street, Muscat Street is the perfect destination for art and heritage lovers, with mosaic artwork, murals painted by Omani artists, and a grand view of the golden-domed Masjid Sultan.

The latest attraction to Muscat Street spruces up the dingy back alleys with murals and framed pieces created by over 30 local and international artists and art students, spread over two parallel walls. The result? A true visual celebration of the diverse culture that embodies not just the spirit of Muscat Street, but the greater Kampong Gelam community.

Gelam Gallery goes beyond a treat for the senses, though. Similar to a typical indoor art gallery, visitors can learn about the inspiration and messages behind each piece through the included artwork descriptions. Look out for work by veteran artists like PrettyFreakyFantasy (Beautiful Ulla and Beautiful Dan), a mixed medium piece by French artist Helene Le Chatelier (Geology of Memory), and Sei Nishiyama’s Japanese-influenced “1 of 3 Pheonix Series”. Not forgetting works created by budding talents from NAFA and LASELLE College of The Arts. Think Cynthia Wang’s street art debut, featuring a mix of oil on canvas portraits juxtaposed against spray-painted peacocks. And “The Dancer” by fine arts major Dyn, which was inspired by Turkish Sufi dancers.

Our favourite part about Gelam Gallery is how free-and-easy the entire experience is; feel free to explore and appreciate the artworks at your own pace. Plus, this one-of-a-kind outdoor art gallery offers free admission and flexible visiting hours (what with it being outdoor and everything). There’s no excuse not to pop by Gelam Gallery!

Gelam Gallery is located at Muscat Street, Singapore 198833.

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