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Check out these Cool Parlours for Artisanal Ice-Cream

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Cold, creamy scoops of ice cream and the hot humid weather of Singapore are a perfect match, especially when you are exploring outdoors.  Indulge in these cool treats that are handcrafted with innovative flavours that you will not find on any supermarket shelves. Every one of these parlours serves up uniquely different flavours so go on and satiate your sweet tooth by trying them all!


aROMA Gelato

aROMA Gelato
Image Credit: aROMA Gelato

Hit the sweet spot with fresh gelato from aROMA. The gelato offerings here are products of passion; silky, creamy goodness in every spoonful, the result of being handmade fresh daily with only the best ingredients. For a refreshing kick, opt for Strawberry with Mint or Watermelon. Or scoop up bestselling flavours like Chocolate Chili or the hazelnut-topped Caffe Del Nanno.

29 Arab Street, Tel: +65 8522 1673
Opening hours: Sun-Fri 11am-6pm; Sat 2pm – 10pm


Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles

Lickety Ice Cream Waffles
Image credit: Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles

You can’t miss its visually appealing pastel shades of mint green and pink, standing out in the line of eateries along Bussorah Street. A taste of happiness in typical Singapore heat, is what you will find in Lickety Ice Cream & Waffles. Its Instagram-worthy assortment of ice-cream flavours like Mao Shan Wang Durian and Earl Grey & Fig are best paired with their special crispy egglet waffle – reminiscent of the traditional Hong Kong street snack. Now who says money can’t buy happiness?

34 Bussorah Street, Tel: +65 6291 7670
Opening hours: Sun-The 12pm-10pm; Fri&Sat 12pm-11pm


Little Damage

Little Damage
Image credit: Little Damage

Hailing from Los Angeles, Little Damage creates their own flavours of soft serve with unique recipes and prepares them in small batches using preservative-free ingredients from organic dairy farmers. The soft serve flavours are available on a rotational basis and a vegan option is always available.  Get your scoop in a black waffle cone that is infused with charcoal, known for its additional health benefit.  The cone used here is thicker than normal and gives an additional crunch to go with the soft serve.

2 Haji Lane, Tel: +65 6291 4041


Moosh Softserve

Moosh Softserve
Image Credit: Moosh Softserve

Step into this stylish hole-in-the-wall for a scoop of delicious soft-serve ice cream made with exotic flavours.  The unusual flavours made up for the small selection of only 6 flavours that come with fixed toppings. For a locally inspired taste, go for the Ondeh Ondeh flavoured soft serve, made with coconut flakes and liquid palm sugar with pandan fudge drizzled over it.

44 Haji Lane
Opening Hours: Mon-Thu 12pm-8pm; Fri-Sun 12pm-9pm



Image Credit: Overrun.Sg

This small family-run shop serves wonderful soft serve infused with local flavours.  Deciding what to have is a no-brainer as the star here is their Chendol-flavoured soft serve with durian pulp.  If coconut and palm sugar infused Chendol is not your thing, check out their weekly special.  To jazz up your soft-serve, top up an additional $1 for other toppings such as roasted peanuts, marshmallow, chocolate cookies or cornflakes.

18 Baghdad Street
Opening Hours: Tue-Thu 12pm – 8:30pm; Fri&Sat 12pm – 10pm; Sun 12pm – 8:30pm


Udders Ice Cream

Image credit: Udders Ice Cream

Started by a humorous Singapore couple who named their brand after the mammary glands of cows, Udders has been drawing a young crowd with their drool-worthy and creative Asian ice cream flavours infused with alcohol.  Their Baileys & Bourbon and Tira-miss-u flavours have almost 4% alcohol level! For the non-alcoholics, get a scoop of the Mao Shan Wang durian flavour ice cream and immerse yourself in the smooth bitter-sweet taste of this delectable locally inspired ice cream.

345 Beach Rd, Tel: +65 6299 3345
Opening Hours: Mon-Sun 11am – 11pm


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