Interact with colours and discover Kampong Glam through a multisensory feast. Captivating installations with enthralling performances and workshops promise an immersive experience.

An epilogue showcase on the green space at the junction of Ophir Road and Beach Road, before it makes room for urban development. Kampong Glams resident artists Johor Idris and Jay Hammond dress up the site with colourful chandeliers and lepak hammocks for an interactive experience, against the futuristic backdrop by international graffiti artist, Didier Jaba Mathieu.

Soft colour shadows reflect on loungey hammocks at day transforms into a fluorescent visual extravaganza in the night. The delightful play through colours, with random Kampong Glam related shapes represents art through diversity. Visitors can go on a hunt for standalone installations placed around the precinct to discover hidden gems, to learn more about the stories and characters in Kampong Glam.